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Last updated: 4/10/2023

EVMavericks Weekly #13: April 3-10th 2023

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Everything you need to know about the last week in EVMavericks in less than 69.6 seconds 👇

  1. We had our 1️⃣ year anniversary on 8th of April! We are encouraging you to showcase your Lion PFP to raise awareness of EVMs and what we are doing as well as to connect with others! Celebratory raffles and more in the discord!

  2. evmlion created the first version of an anonymous EVM map to ease coordination for IRL events and meetups. Only your type of lion and location is shared. You can fill it out by going to #the-den part of the discord and finding the link there.

  3. GethWethReth has written the Guide to setting withdrawal address for your Ethereum validator using deposit-cli

  4. Whatthefuck is organizing a group to attend POAP Art’s Shapella Upgrade Party! More in the #creators

  5. While EthFinance Weekly Doots have been on a short pause, some members still continue joining the VC during that time frame and talk on a variety of subjects. Happens weekly on Fridays @ 12PM EST!

  6. Special thanks to our moderators for their outstanding work behind the scenes and great moderation throughout the whole year!